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Fancy showing up at the Budapest Festival Orchestra’s concerts wearing a stylish and safe accessory? Get your favorite mask from our selection! In addition to our classics with a BFO logo, you can also choose the Iván Fischer acoustical mask made to unique design. Stay safe, and help others stay safe!

Please note that masks are dispatched on Friday each week.

  • 10 EUR

    White cotton mask

    Two-ply mask made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane with a BFO logo and adjustable, flexible ear loops. The mask is reusable and machine washable at 60 degrees. The outer layer is treated with a Silvadur ™ 930 antimicrobial coating to inhibit microbial growth and provide protection, durability and freshness, as well as a Zelan ™ R3 water repellent finish.


    Please wash the purchased mask before use and clean your hands before putting it on. Avoid touching the outside of the mask when putting it on and taking it off.

    To wear the mask properly, please make sure it covers both your nose and mouth.

  • 30 EUR

    Iván Fischer acoustical mask

    Ivan Fischer, in keeping with Mozart’s notion of making a virtue of necessity, invented a new face mask to enhance the acoustics experience with an added richness and roundness. Each mask is made individually rather than mass-produced, and you can pick your favorite from our existing selection.

    The custom-made masks are non-washable.

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