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1% tax donation

Two clicks for you, great help for our musicians

If you live and work in Hungary, you can support us with 1% of your tax

Why is it important to offer 1% of your personal income tax for us?

  • Because through its worldwide unique educational programs, the Budapest Festival Orchestra is committed to familiarizing children, families, and young people with the treasures of classical music. Our mission is to share the joy of listening to, and playing of, music with both children and adults, residents of Budapest and smaller towns, families with wealthy and disadvantegous backgrounds, and children talented and less interested in music.
  • Because it doesn't cost you anything. By filling in a form in not more than two minutes, you can decide on the beneficiant of 1% of your tax .

1% donations of this year will be used to support our educational programs.

Deadline: May 20, 2022
Thank you for your support!


How to designate 1% of your personal income tax?

You only need to send these two details to your accountant or HR Department who handles your tax return:
Beneficiary: Budapesti Fesztiválzenekar Alapítvány (Budapest Festival Orchestra Foundation)
Tax number: 18005488-2-41