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Golden Years

In each season, the Budapest Festival Orchestra embarks upon a journey to take classical music to those who, be it for medical, social, physical or financial reasons, would not normally be able to enjoy our concerts. At these homely chamber concerts the elderly can discover the healing qualities of music. On every occasion, we design programmes to give the greatest joy to each specific audience. For the elderly, we play healing, reminiscing, melodic classics, with the same attention to quality we give when we perform in Carnegie Hall. We always find that residents of nursing homes receive our free concerts with heartfelt affection. They treat these occasions as a celebration. They read up on the compositions, dress up in their best clothes, and listen to the performance with unwavering attention. Through these concerts, we aim to introduce audiences to the miraculous world of music, removing obstacles and allowing young and old alike to enjoy music in a familiar environment. We go wherever we are needed.