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BFO Patrons on supporting the orchestra

"I can only repeat myself: I am partial to the BFO. I appreciate their dedication to and enthusiasm for making music: I am enthralled by Iván Fischer’s magical personality, the depth of his knowledge and his unbridled playfulness. I like the diversity in their line-ups, which are filled with surprises and colorful events each year. I also like that they look beyond those with the most refined musical taste: that they don’t consider musical education to be beneath them. Classical music in public spaces, in the street, in stairwells, at synagogues and on social media during the quarantine: I am proud to use the means I have to assist Iván and his fellow musicians in practicing their art and in fulfilling their lofty mission." (Andrea Rényi)

"Because, in addition to music – always of the highest quality – they always have something new happening, and because they always manage to add something extra to the ideas they bring to life. First, it was the orchestra singing. Then, at New Year’s Eve this past year, they were joined by diverse representatives of the people of our country: and what a success that was! For years, it has been up to their audience to determine the program of their Christmas surprise concert. Next year, perhaps, they could ask their musicians what pieces they would like to perform at the Christmas concert. We have already seen them as conductors, dancers and singers: it would be fascinating to find out their favorites in their own field. So this is why I enjoy being a BFO Patron. I’m able to make this proposal here – because they are interested. I hope this will be the case for many years to come." (Paula Volenszky)

"Because it makes me feel that I belong to the best club in the world." (Anna Galambos)

"This is one club where everyone enjoys the same things that I do." (Dr. Katalin Pető)

"Because, even as an outsider, it’s a good feeling to be on the inside. Inside a bubble where there is peace and calm – which is what music means to me." (Éva Frank )

"Beyond the value of symphonic music, to us BFO also means an exemplary, humane, European community with shared values.
To feel that we belong there makes our souls happy.
As lay music lovers, we also trust the great choices in the season pass program. We have been regularly listening to live performances of other Hungarian symphony orchestras as well (and still do so), but we would not have dared to go to a Messiaen or Arvo Part concert with any other performers, or see Monteverdi’s piece, L’Orfeo performed by anyone else.
For us, the high quality of the orchestral blend is outstanding among Hungarian ensembles, although we always like to sit in the middle of rows 6-10 at each orchestra’s concert.
Thank you! With true admiration for the BFO and Iván Fischer." (László Horváth)

„Peter and I were thrilled every time we were able to attend a BFO concert and listen to the recordings of this exceptional orchestra. Our most recent concert was in New York now quite a few years ago. We heard nuances, delicacies in the music that we had never recognized before. We were touched by the magic and revelation that Mr. Fischer brought to his music. We also want to support freedom and democracy in the world and applaud Mr. Fischer’s position on social issues. My husband loved classical music and this orchestra was special to us.” (Cynthia Arnold, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA)

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