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Music Castle

In each season, the Budapest Festival Orchestra embarks upon a journey to take classical music to those who, be it for medical, social, physical or financial reasons, would not normally be able to enjoy our concerts. At these homely chamber concerts we take children on an adventure to the realm of instruments. During Community Weeks we visit child-care institutions in the farthest-flung corners of the country. On every occasion, we design programmes to give the greatest joy to each specific audience. We prepare our interactive and playful Music Castle programme for the children. We visit children who usually live in difficult circumstances and have often never even seen an instrument in real life, meaning they await every such event with excitement and curiosity. Our job is to give them a lasting gift. Previous Community Weeks have seen us perform at venues such as SOS Children’s Villages, the Real Pearl Foundation in Told, the village of Cserdi in Baranya county and the International Pető Institute.