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“I was nervous, but I had such a great time at the concert. I was feeling such love all over.” (Attila, 5 and a half years old).

Listening to music, singing and playing an instrument every day can all contribute to the development of speech, language and creativity, as well as to the upkeep of our spiritual health. The Budapest Festival Orchestra’s globally unrivalled program of musical education endeavors to introduce the treasures of classical music to children, families and young adults. During these action-packed adventures, younger learners become familiar with some instruments and short tunes, while older ones get the chance to acquaint themselves with symphonies, children’s operas and concert pieces.

These programs for children, young people and communities are especially important for the Festival Orchestra. Whether it’s classical melodies ringing around a small village, or the “Choose Your Instrument” program in one of Budapest’s top schools, the children’s sparkling eyes and their mouths, wide-open in amazement, reinforce for us the beauty and importance of our work.

We give them joy and experiences - they give us love and openness. The mission of the Festival Orchestra is to share the joy of playing and listening to music with both younger and older children, whether they are from the capital or the countryside, well-off or disadvantaged, talented or less curious about music.

Because our goal is to bring these experiences to as many young people as we can, and to bring them as close as possible to classical music and to the BFO’s diverse educational program by engaging them in dialogue, our hope is to make this encounter with music memorable, and not just for our partner schools.
Experience the playfulness!