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Community concerts

Over the past 30 years, the Budapest Festival Orchestra has become a regular guest at the world’s most significant and prestigious concert halls. Whether in New York, London or Istanbul, they are always welcomed with open arms. However, for Iván Fischer and the musicians of the BFO, the priority is to allow Hungarian audiences – of all ages and social strata, living under any circumstance – to enjoy their music. Because of that, we try to involve those who are not part of our regular audience, and who cannot make it to the concert halls. They include disadvantaged young people, who are neither familiar with nor have access to classical music; disabled children who would have to make great efforts to visit a concert; the elderly, who often find that hearing a violin played live is the best medicine; families who cannot afford to buy tickets; new mothers who don’t have the time and the energy to attend concerts; as well as church communities and inhabitants of small towns and villages. In other words, everyone who might find music important. With this in mind, the Budapest Festival Orchestra organises two Community Weeks a season, during which the orchestra’s chamber ensembles play in nursing homes, child-care institutions, schools, churches and synagogues. We believe that music builds special relationships among people, and we want to enable as many people as possible to experience the positive effects of music. Let’s share the joy of discovery!

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