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Harp – the Playful

Harp – the Playful

The harp plays a starring role in the BFO's Music Castle program: every season, hundreds of children are introduced to its captivating melodies. "I witness the radiant smiles on children's faces when Ági Polónyi, the BFO's harpist, dressed as a princess, graces them with the sounds of this exquisite instrument. It brings tears of joy to my eyes," says BFO Patrons Ambassador Andrea Rényi.

Every donation counts: make a gift to the BFO for its birthday!

Choose Your Level of Impact:

Pianissimo – contribute with donation of 5 000 HUF (approx. €15)
Piano – contribute with donation of 10 000 HUF (approx. €30)
Forte – contribute with donation of 25 000 HUF (approx. €75)
Fortissimo – contribute with donation of 50 000 HUF (approx €150)

Join us in this mission and be part of the BFO’s legacy. Donate now and help us make the world resonate with the magic of music.

The new instrument will be presented to the public later this season.

● We list the names of our donors on our website.

● For donors who contribute 10 000 HUF, we will send an exclusive video with beautiful harp music.

● Donors who contribute at least 25 000 HUF towards the purchase of the harp will be invited to an exclusive mini-concert where they can hear the new instrument live

● Supporters who pledge 50 000 HUF will be invited to an exclusive introduction of the new harp, followed by a toast at the BFO’s rehearsal hall