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BFO Tours – in the words of our Patrons

It is always a pleasure when our supporters share their thoughts with us after a tour. Thank you so much for sharing the joy of the BFO and the love that foreign audiences bring to our orchestra!

Rome, 2022

"Thank you for the organisation, the concerts, and for the kind companions. This was our third trip with the BFO. The fantastic guided tours offered by László Csorba and the Hungarian Academy were very special experiences. Besides our previous acquaintances, we had memorable conversations with our new travel companions. We hope to meet our new friends again soon under similar circumstances."

"Thank you for the pleasant company, we will remember fondly the magical moments in Rome, the beautiful concerts, the lunches, and the dinners and cocktails together."

"I embarked on this trip with great curiosity and a little anxiety. I had never been on a BFO tour before and I didn't know anyone. Thank you for including me in the friends' group immediately. The trip was a great experience. Thanks for the organisation, the fantastic guides, and the concerts. I will almost certainly go again if I can."

"We had a great time too: fantastic concerts, Rome, great company, great stories and prosecco galore – would anyone need more? Thanks to the BFO staff for the super program and the professional organisation."

Spoleto, 2022

"We had a wonderful trip, just like the last time, and it was so good that the whole town was full of us, 'the BFO's extended family'. Musicians having ice-cream, walking around with their instruments, and, of course, our fellow travellers."

"This tour will remain one of the best experiences of our lives. We really enjoyed every concert and all the activities together. The rehearsals were a particularly great experience, to see how music is born and what a wonderful creative and friendly community the BFO is. For me, it was also an uplifting feeling because it confirmed that this is the only way to do everything, to the highest possible standard. Thank you to everyone whose work made these days of joy possible."