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Lukács, Péter

Lukács, Péter


Péter Lukács was born in Budapest in 1946. He began his musical studies at the Béla Bartók Conservatory under Margit Lányi, then continued at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music under his father, Pál Lukács. He graduated in 1970. He has been member of the Hungarian State Opera since 1969, becoming solo violist in 1976. He spent ten years with the Austro-Hungarian Haydn Orchestra, as well as playing with the Budapest Chamber Orchestra led by András Mihály and the Haydn Baryton Trio Budapest. He has taught viola methodology and orchestral repertoire at the Liszt Academy for years. He has made several radio, television and CD recordings and has given concerts in various countries, including across North America and Asia. In 1979 he received the Vilmos Komor Memorial Prize. He has led the viola section of the Budapest Festival Orchestra since 1989.