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Presenting the winners of the 2019 Sándor Végh Competition!


Presenting the winners of the 2019 Sándor Végh Competition!

Once again this year, we organized the Sándor Végh Competition, our special in-house competition for musicians of the Budapest Festival Orchestra, whose winners will be featured as soloists at one of the BFO’s concerts in the 2020-2021 season. This year, the jury had to choose the best from among 24 contestants. Congratulations to each of them! We can hardly wait to see them on stage in the upcoming season.

The line-up of the 2019 Sándor Végh Competition turned out to be so diverse that the jury decided to present awards in two categories.

The winners of the classical category: Gordon Fantini, bassoonist; the duet of Anett Jóföldi (flute) and Johannes Grosso (oboe); and the duet of Ágnes Polónyi (harp) and Zoltán Szőke (French horn).

In the alternative category, the jury presented a shared award to violinist Noémi Molnár and clarinetist Ákos Ács. A special prize was awarded to József Bazsinka, tuba player.

Award recipients performed the following pieces at the Sándor Végh Competition:

Carl Maria von Weber: Bassoon Concerto in F major, Op.75

Gordon Fantini (bassoon), accompanied on the piano by Emese Mali

Domenico Cimarosa: Concerto in G major

Anett Jóföldi, Johannes Grosso (flute, oboe), accompanied on the piano by Gábor Monostori

Marcel Grandjany: Symphonic Poem, Op. 6.

Ágnes Polónyi, Zoltán Szőke (harp, French horn), accompanied on the piano by Rita Budai

Jacques Loussier: Violin Concerto No. 2

Noémi Molnár (violin), with: László Herboly (percussion), Mária Balaskó (piano)

Artie Shaw: Concerto for Clarinet

Ákos Ács (clarinet), with: László Adrián Nagy (piano), László Herboly (percussion), Attila Martos (double bass)

Anthony Plog: 3 Miniatures (for winds with percussion accompaniment)

József Bazsinka (tuba), accompanied on the piano by Irina Ivanitskaya

The jury was comprised of conductor Iván Fischer, bassoonist György Lakatos, clarinetist Béla Kovács and violinist János Rolla.