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"This is what makes life worth living for"


"This is what makes life worth living for"

Canada, Washington, California, Zurich, Malta, Peru — these are just some of the places across the world where our concert was followed live on November 22. To top it all, one of our viewers tuned in right from Mars! :) The online portal also shared our stream, with live commentary, and we collected the nicest comments received from our audiences. Our Beethoven-Dvořák program was conducted by Iván Fischer and the solo was performed by pianist Elisabeth Leonskaja.

It’s like a prayer. And I felt like an angel passed by... until I was crying, seeing that I could still feel so intensely.

Who are you, blessed one, behind Index? What a tremendous boost this gives me! Finally something good has come out of the 21st century.

I have heard many live broadcasts, but not like this, with musical commentary. This is world class!

This was a completely extraordinary way of watching and listening to this concert. Thank you!

Oh my god, this is gorgeous! I’m completely blown away!

Oh my god, thanks for being able to listen to this...

This is what makes life worth living for.

Am I the only one with tears in her eyes?

I’m bawling my eyes out.

Thank you... this is delightful and enchanting.

The unique soundscape of the orchestra is known all over the world. It is recognizably unique.

It takes your soul to a different dimension💓

Two thousand of us are now happy 💓

There are no words—I am simply swept away!

My thanks to everyone who contributed to this experience.

Those who have so far avoided classical concerts can now make up for it and will no longer want to live without this miracle.

It is amazing to be able to tune into this great concert from home.

The acoustics are surprisingly good! Wow, it’s beautiful! This is exactly what’s missing from the end-of-year rush. It’s a shame that I have to mess around with all kinds of Excel sheets and can only listen to this using my headphones. Thank you! I won’t be ungrateful—I promise to support you by buying concert tickets.

If I was there on the spot I’m sure I’d be crying💓this way at least no one can see me

This was incredibly beautiful!

It is an amazing experience to be able to enjoy the concert with the audience and the musicians in any corner of the world. Thank you for the opportunity!

This evening is a gift! Thank you!🥰😊🤩

It is wonderful ❤ nourishes the soul ❤ thank you! ❤

Thank you💓at least this way even the poor has the chance to pick up some culture!

Wow! This is simply amazing!

Brilliant! I could get used to listening to this every Friday night!

This really warms the soul. I wish it was more widely appreciated in our world!

This was an amazing experience—couldn’t we make it a tradition to listen to this every Friday night?

They play beautifully. It’s an amazing experience. 🌹

I only checked it out out of curiosity, but I got glued to the screen.

Greetings to all music lovers from Peru. Thanks to Index, my wife and I can enjoy this magnificent concert. The comments only make sense to me as a Hungarian, but music is a language common to all of humanity :)