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Budapest Festival Orchestra Loyalty Programme General Terms & Conditions

1. Budapest Festival Orchestra Foundation (seat: 1033 Budapest, Polgár utca 8–10., Flórián udvar B ép.; tax No.: 18005488-2-41; hereinafter: “BFO”) organises a loyalty programme (hereinafter “Loyalty Programme”) in order to provide exclusive experiences and benefits to its members. Any natural person of age who accepts these General Terms and Conditions of Contract (GTCC) in force at all times, may participate in the Loyalty Programme.

2. The Loyalty Programme is ongoing. BFO reserves the right to amend the provisions of these GTCC without any prior notification or justification and to partially or fully suspend or discontinue the operation of the Loyalty Programme at any time whatsoever. The Loyalty Programme General Terms and Conditions of Contract in force can be found here.

3. Presentation of the benefits provided by the Loyalty Programme:

Pianissimo, entry level: Upon registration, you automatically become a BFO Friends Card Programme member and begin collecting points.

Piano level: You reach this level and receive a BFO Friends card after collecting 200 points. On this level, you also benefit from a 10% discount at our partners. Upon reaching level Piano, the BFO’s Friends receive a card. This card can be collected in person at the BFO’s office (H-1033 Budapest, Polgár utca 8-10/B) or can be mailed upon request.

Forte level: You reach this level after collecting 500 points. Here, in addition to the discounts earned on previous levels, you have the opportunity to buy certain single tickets early and will be invited to a meeting with the BFO’s artists and managers.

Fortissimo level: You reach this level after collecting 1000 points. On this level, we organise a Black Friday sale each year, during which you can buy all of the season’s single tickets at a discount price and are invited to the VIP room during the intermissions of our concerts performed at Müpa Budapest.

Pianissimo Piano Forte Fortissimo
Monthly newsletter
BFO Friends plastic card
Mailing of the quarterly magazine upon request
Opportunity to shop at a discount price at least once a year 10% 15% 20%
Exclusive discounts with our partners*
Opportunity to buy BFO single tickets early (business days) 1 2
Invitation to meet the BFO’s artists and managers
Invitation to the VIP room of Müpa Budapest
Black Friday (once a year with all of the season’s single tickets available at a discount price)

* Members can benefit from discounts at our partners by presenting the card. Click here for details.

4. Under the Loyalty Programme, you can collect points as follows:

In the case of a ticket purchase – with the exception of tickets for Midnight Music, Marathon and Cocoa Concerts and tickets bought with a discount or tickets below HUF 2700 – you earn 1 point for each HUF 200 spent. In addition to ticket purchase, you can also collect points through actively keeping in contact with the Festival Orchestra, for instance through:

  • Modification of personal data / expansion of your profile / giving preferences: 3 points
  • Opening the newsletter: 1 point
  • Reading articles in the newsletter: 2 points
  • Visiting our website: 1 point

Except for the Cocoa, Teacher and Family season tickets, points are awarded also in the case of purchasing various season-tickets, as follows:

Category Price Points
Doráti Premium category 96 000 52
Doráti Category I 60 000 32
Doráti Category II 43 000 23
Doráti Category III 33 500 18
Doráti Category IV 21 000 11
Solti Premium category 96 000 52
Solti Category I 60 000 32
Solti Category II 43 000 23
Solti Category III 33 500 18
Solti Category IV 21 000 11
Reiner Premium category 86 000 46
Reiner Category I 52 500 28
Reiner Category II 37 000 20
Reiner Category III 28 500 15
Reiner Category IV 17 500 9
Ormándy Premium category 56 000 30
Ormándy Category I 34 000 18
Ormándy Category II 24 000 13
Ormándy Category III 19 000 10
Ormándy Category IV 13 500 7
Széll Premium category 39 300 21
Széll Category I 25 200 13
Széll Category II 18 400 9
Széll Category III 14 800 8
Széll Category IV 9 800 5

In case of a flexible ticket purchase you earn 1 point for each HUF 2000 spent.

In case of all other season ticket types you earn 1 point for each HUF 1844.

5. The points obtained under the Loyalty Programme are credited to your BFO Friends card. During the Loyalty Programme, your BFO Friends card is valid for an unlimited period. The BFO Friends membership and related discounts are valid for 12 months, beginning from the date of level progression. If members move up a level during the year, the 12-month period resets from the time of progression. If the 12-month period is exceeded without level progression, the member steps back one level. Members are informed about earned points, level progression and the approaching of the end of the period via e-mail.

6. Cards are made out to person, they are not transferable to any other person, they are not to be sold and not to be used for any purpose other than those set forth in these GTCC. If a card is lost or stolen, the holder may request a new card.

7. Any changes in the data given in the course of registration must be reported by the card holder. BFO shall bear no liability whatsoever for any damage arising from a failure to notify. A card holder is entitled to modify his/her data at any time, either by e-mail: or by phone: +36 1 489 4330, or in person: Offices of the Budapest Festival Orchestra Foundation (1033 Budapest, Polgár utca 8-10/B, Hungary, mezzanine floor) BFO shall not be liable for any deficiency or error in the data given by you (such as a misspelt name or address) or for any delays or damages (thus, in particular, omissions or delays in delivery) arising from such reasons.

8. If you are a member of the Loyalty Programme, BFO processes the following data in relation to your membership:

Name, address, e-mail address, ticket purchase history, Loyalty Programme card number, date of entry, number of points

In such a case, the legal basis of processing the data is GDPR Article 6 (1) (b) (“performance of a contract”) and (c) (“compliance with a legal obligation”) in light of the fact that, by joining the Supporters’ Club, a contract is concluded by and between you and BFO, and BFO has taxation and accounting obligations in relation to performing this contract.

BFO will process your data according to this point for 5 (five) years following the performance of the contract, the data needed compliance with BFO’s tax liability, until their statutory limitation according to tax law (for 5 years from the last day of the calendar year in which a tax return should have been filed or, in the absence of such a tax return, the tax should have been paid) that is, for maximum of 7 (seven) years, and the data needed for compliance with BFO’s accounting obligations, for a maximum of 8 (eight) years.

BFO employees, the legal entities providing IT services to BFO and BFO’s online payment service provider have access to your data according to this point.

Additional information on data processing can be found in BFO’s privacy information available here.

9. BFO and its cooperating partners in the Loyalty Programme reserve the right to exclude anyone from the Loyalty Programme or to delete points in part or in full without giving reasons in the event of manipulation, unauthorised collection of points, misuse or a suspicion thereof, any unauthorised interference or attempt to enter BFO’s system, or any behaviour aimed at this.

10. BFO and its cooperating partners in the Loyalty Programme take the utmost care in operating the system and recording the points collected, but they do not accept liability for any technical errors and/or damage to users that may eventually arise from the aforementioned operation and recording. BFO especially excludes any and all liability related to the following: damage arising from the faulty operation of the IT system, damage arising from the operation of your internet service provider and damage arising from use in violation of the provisions of these GTCC.

11. The legal relationship according to these GTCC is for an indeterminate period. You have the right to terminate this contract and your membership in the Supporter’s Club without giving any reason at any time whatsoever, provided that you notify BFO of your intent by e-mail, with a notice of 30 days.

12. From time to time, on reasonable grounds, we may update or modify the Loyalty Programme or the terms and conditions set forth in these GTCC and we recommend that you regularly review these GTCC. You take note and accept that you that if you remain a member of the Loyalty Programme even after an updating or amendment of these GTCC, it shall be regarded as acceptance of the revised GTCC.

13. These GTCC shall be governed by Hungarian law; the Hungarian courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction with regard to any disputes arising from these GTCC. Any issues not regulated by these GTCC shall be governed by BFO’S GTCC governing the purchase of tickets and season-tickets.

14. If you have any question, comment or complaint arising in relation to the Loyalty Programme, please send your observation to any of the contacts indicated under point 7.