Budapest Festival Orchestra


The Orchestra

WHEN IVÁN FISCHER FOUNDED the Budapest Festival Orchestra together with Zoltán Kocsis 35 years ago, he made a personal dream come true. Core of the philosophy of the orchestra is the total absence of daily routine. It is about taking the risk, the initiative and freedom to do things differently. Every concert is therefore a joyful discovery of uncharted territory, a journey to new horizons in music. It feels unexpected and surprising as if it was played for the very first time. The Festival Orchestra is driven by an openness towards the new and the unknown, by curiosity and attention to details. It is the innovative approach to music, the musician’s dedication and their permanent strive for excellence that made Budapest Festival Orchestra the youngest of the top 10 ranked ensembles in the world.

THE ORCHESTRA’S OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCES its inventiveness and the distinct ensemble tone have led to numerous accolades. It has won two Gramophone Awards, the ‘Oscars of classical music’, and has been nominated for a Grammy. Concerts at the world’s most important venues and successes aside, the orchestra’s driving mission is to serve its home audience in over seventy concerts. What is more, BFO is making ever more frequent appearances at alternative venues – in nursing homes, abandoned synagogues, hospitals, child care institutions, prisons and schools – where it can create an intimate connection with the audience.

THE INNOVATIVE CONCERTS include Dancing on the Square, one of the orchestra’s priority projects, which is as much about communal creativity, inclusion, tolerance and equal opportunities as it is about music and dance. The Autism-friendly Cocoa Concerts is another major initiative, providing a safe environment for children living with autism and their families alike. Through the community and musical education programmes, the Budapest Festival Orchestra continuously strives to bring the beauty of classical music to every age group and stratum of society. It connects people, helping to build and strengthen communities with the power and beauty of music.