Budapest Festival Orchestra

Young BFO

With a unique programme of musical education, the Budapest Festival Orchestra seeks to bring the treasures of classical music to children, families and young adults. For the youngest, we offer captivating discoveries of instruments and short melodies, while complete operas and symphonies are presented to older age groups. We want everyone to experience the inspiration music can provide.


Well-known and loved concert formats like the Cocoa Concerts will be continued in the next season, and we have added a specially developed concert for children with autism. We want to deepen our cooperation with partner schools and extend the programmes we offer to them. Since all rehearsals of the orchestra are broadcast live, students do not even need to leave their schools to be present at a rehearsal—the only thing required is access to the internet.

Schools are welcome to apply for participation in our partner schools programme (send your query to Let our diverse education package introduce children to instruments, the richness of musical history, and the openness and creativity of the Budapest Festival Orchestra. The programmes on offer include Choose Your Instrument, rehearsal visits, BFO Reaches Out!, and children’s opera.

At the events of BFO Reaches Out!, the Orchestra’s artists hold mini master classes and impromptu concerts in non-metropolitan areas. The programme even made a successful debut outside of Hungary, when it was presented during tours.

For older teenagers, we've just concluded our film competition, See What You Hear!, which links musical and