Budapest Festival Orchestra
International tours

Journalists use words such as “exquisite” and “extraordinary”, social media is awash with appreciative and warm comments after our concerts and we are welcomed back by all the major European houses again and again. Our musicians always have the feeling that the audience not only demand more and more encores from the BFO but are reluctant to allow the orchestra to leave the stage at the end of the evening.

But the cheering and applause can make for a very overwhelming experience for some people. As we do at home, therefore, we offered a sensory-friendly concert designed for young people on the autistic spectrum and with other developmental disabilities and their families, in New York. These special audiences are equally important to us: we want everyone to be able to enjoy a BFO concert! And that sums up the amazing impact that the BFO continues to have on its audiences, in whatever country we find ourselves.

In the 2018–2019 season will see us return to London, start our new and very exciting opera venture in Vicenza and the first part of our project with András Schiff, pairing Beethoven’s piano concertos with Dvořák’s orchestral works, which will take us all over Europe. We will perform in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw, and return to New York – this time to Carnegie Hall – with two Bartók programmes which will include Bluebeard’s Castle and Concerto for Orchestra. We will take this project to Paris, Hamburg and Luxembourg, too.

Every concert is a new and unique encounter which we cannot get bored of. The BFO is warmly welcomed all over the world and is considered one of the top major orchestras in the world!

Upcoming international tours: