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Online ticket sales

You can purchase your single and season tickets for the Budapest Festival Orchestra’s programmes with no administration costs at Click here to find about various season ticket types.

If you have already registered, simply enter your email address and password to begin shopping; if you are not a registered user yet, use the Registration option to provide your details. Click on the menu option marked with a pictogram belowRegistration or click here to register.

Season tickets are available from 9 April 2018. Solo tickets are available from 28 May 2018.

Online purchases are not subject to an administration fee.

By email or post

You can place your order by sending an email to or by calling +36 1 489 4332. A HUF 500 administration fee is charged for personal collection, while postal orders are subject to an additional postage cost of HUF 610.

You can collect your items in person at the BFO Secretariat:

Requests will be processed upon receipt of order. Please include your contact details (phone number, email adress) with your request and indicate alternative preferences for single tickets or season tickets.

We accept credit/debit cards, SZÉP cards, Erzsébet Cards, OTP Cafeteria Cards, Erzsébet gift or leisure vouchers, and Ticket Culture&Sport vouchers.

At ticket offices

Single and season tickets can also be purchased nationwide through Interticket offices, and from our orchestra’s specialist vendors at:

Concerts and tickets

The Budapest Festival Orchestra’s programme is accessible from the menu “Concerts and Tickets”, under the option “Calendar”.

After clicking on the performance of your choice and selecting your seats, enter your payment information to finalise the purchase.

The Budapest Festival Orchestra reserves the right to change or modify the programme, date or artist of any event.

Season tickets

The Budapest Festival Orchestra’s currently available season tickets are listed under the main menu “Concerts and Tickets”, under menu option “Tickets and Season Tickets”. Click on “Purchase Season Tickets” to view the various season tickets available, on the names of the passes to see the list of concerts associated with a particular season ticket then on “Purchase” to select your seats. After selecting your seats, click on “Add to Cart” and enter your payment information to finalise the purchase.

Bonus performances tickets for season tickets can also be selected online. If you purchase your season ticket at the BFO’s secretariat or a ticket office, please identify which one of the available bonus concerts you’d be interested in. One bonus ticket per season ticket, please.

E-season ticket

If you buy your season ticket online, you will receive an e-season ticket. E-season tickets are fully valid electronic season tickets that grant concert admission. If you would like to exchange your e-season ticket for a paper ticket, you can do so in person at the BFO Secretariat.


Ticket prices

Ticket prices (HUF) Premium I. II. III. IV.
Müpa Budapest, Béla Bartók National Concert Hall; Liszt Academy 15,300 9,400 6,600 5,100 3,000
Haydn–Mozart Plus 11,800 7,100 5,000 4,000 3,000
Baroque Concerts 11,800 7,100 5,000 4,000 3,000
Concertino series - Italian Cultural Institute 11,800 7,100 5,000 4,000 3,000
Debussy–Ravel Marathon 1,500
Cocoa Concerts 3,000
Contemporary Concert – BMC, Müpa Budapest, Festival Theatre 3,200
Baroque Concert – Müpa Budapest, Festival Theatre 4,700 4,000 3,300
Midnight Music 2,000
Chamber Music 3,200

Dear Audience,

Please avoid making purchases on the Viagogo website.

As many of you have pointed out, is charging several times what we do for tickets to the Budapest Festival Orchestra’s concerts.

We are not under contract with the above website and have no influence on the prices they have established there.

Do not allow yourselves be cheated and overcharged!

The easiest ways to buy tickets to our concerts is still online through the website, without administration costs, or in person at the Budapest Festival Orchestra’s secretariat, as well as at concert venue ticket offices.