Budapest Festival Orchestra
News June 13, 2014

Where music cures

The notion that “music belongs to everyone” is not an empty slogan with the Budapest Festival Orchestra but a specific goal. The BFO often performs outside the concert hall so that as many people as possible can hear one of the world’s leading orchestras at a live event, including those who might not otherwise have the opportunity to enjoy our performances.

It was in this spirit that in recent days our musicians visited five homes for the elderly, making a gift of their music. With a history of more than 30 years behind its back, this world-famous orchestra makes every effort to build a closer and more open relationship with its audience, and we did succeed to establish such links with the elderly.

It was a rare lifetime experience, said the residents, who were enchanted by our string quartet, whose members are Zsófia Lezsák, Noémi Molnár, Csaba Gálfi and Lajos Dvorák. Some left with a sinking heart as the music heard stirred up memories of old home performances with the family, others experienced “wonderful thrills.” And there was one question asked in all the homes: “When will you come next time?”

Our musicians also look upon the experience as an important one. “Such a concert is always intimate and homely,” says project host Lajos Dvorák. “We have a direct experience of the love and the gratefulness, whether they put it in words, or just look at us. And the responsibility is also greater on such occasions.”

The Budapest Festival Orchestra will continue its community projects next year, of which the church and synagogue concerts are still ongoing.