Budapest Festival Orchestra
News July 02, 2014

Unfinished, but living

On 28 February, the Budapest Festival Orchestra performed Symphony No. 8 by Schubert and the Unfinished Symphony No. 9 by Bruckner at the Palace of Arts.

According to the background story of the Schubert piece, the manuscript was lost and was only found in 1865, well after the composer’s death. It was then that the first two complete movements were presented for the first time.

By contrast, although Bruckner struggled to finish Symphony No. 9 even in the last part of his life, he eventually did not have enough time to complete it. According to his doctor, not long before his death he said that he dedicated the symphony to the ruler of rulers, to God, asking him to give him enough time to finish it.

These two unfinished compositions can now be enjoyed in a joint recording by the two major classical music TV channels Arte and Mezzo.

Click here to watch the concert