Budapest Festival Orchestra
May 07, 2017

Turangalîla-Symphonie on Mezzo

"Definitely one of the greatest pieces of 20th century." - Iván Fischer

“Turangalîlá is a Sanskrit word, … very rich in meanings. Lîlá literally means a game, but game in the sense of divine workings in the cosmos, the game of creation, destruction and reconstruction, the game of life and death. Lîlá is also Love. Turanga is time that flies like a galloping horse, time that runs out like sand from an hourglass. Turanga is movement and rhythm. Hence Turangalîlá means altogether: song of love, hymn to joy, time, movement, rhythm, life and death,” writes the composer about the title of what he thinks is “a vast polyphony of time, of rhythm”.

The huge piece will be streamed by Mezzo on several times during this spring. Almost one and a half hour long work is often compared to Wagner's Ring or Mahler's symphonies, which is a great challenge for all of their performers. The Budapest Festival Orchestra performed Messiaen's work with Roger Muraro, who was able to obtain information directly from the author.

Conductor: Iván Fischer

Mezzo will stream BFO's concert in the following dates:

Date with the day Starts
Fr 19/05/17 16:40
Th 18/05/17 21:30
We 17/05/17 13:56
Mo 15/05/17 00:03
Sa 13/05/17 09:00
Fr 12/05/17 10:38
Th 11/05/17 14:38
Tu 9/05/17 22:08
Sa 7/05/17 18:38
Sa 6/05/17 01:38
We 26/04/17 10:04
Sa 22/04/17 18:06
Th 20/04/17 10:00
Mo 3/04/17 22:29