Budapest Festival Orchestra
Uncategorized January 16, 2014


Violoncellist Péter Szabó received this year’s award by the László Lajtha Foundation Curatorium, while Tibor Alpár, music director of Bartók Radio, was presented with the Lajtha Award on Thursday at a ceremony in Hungarian Radio’s Marble Hall

It was emphasised that the László Lajtha Foundation was established in 1983 in order to put the excellent composer and folk music researcher László Lajtha in his well-deserved place in Hungarian culture. From the beginning, the foundation aimed to give awards to representatives of Hungarian music life who have contributed to the propagation of Lajtha’s oeuvre. This was supplemented by the Lajtha Award in 1995, a joint initiative by Hungarian Radio and the László Lajtha Foundation.

Violoncellist Péter Szabó won the Curatorium’s award for his excellent rendering of László Lajtha’s compositions, which was handed over by Csilla Gyurkó, who is in charge of László Lajtha’s legacy, to Péter Szabó’s wife. According to the foundation, Péter Szabó, the Budapest Festival Orchestra’s solo cellist, was instrumental in introducing Lajtha’s pieces to audiences both in Hungary and abroad over the past 20 years. The musician, who received the Liszt Award in 2011, performed László Lajtha’s piece entitled Trio Concertante at Wigmore Hall in London. István Jónás, CEO of Hungarian Radio (Magyar Rádió nonprofit Zrt.), presented Tibor Alpár, music director of Bartók Radio, with an award for his high-quality music directing of the album entitled László Lajtha’s string quartet compositions as well as for his excellent recording of 20th-century and contemporary Hungarian music. In addition to a number of concert broadcasts and studio recordings, Tibor Alpár has also made numerous contemporary recordings over the 25 years of his music directing career, for which he received the Erkel Award.

Last year, the László Lajtha Foundation’s Curatorium presented singer, musician and folk music researcher Ferenc Sebő with its award, and Éva Györki, producer of Bartók Radio, received the Lajtha Award.