Budapest Festival Orchestra
November 27, 2017

The BFO is now officially a loveable workplace

This year, over 400 companies have entered the competition to win the Loveable Workplace title. According to the jury, 107 workplaces have successfully proved that they make significant efforts to retain employees. The Budapest Festival Orchestra was one of those that have made it to the top.

The DreamJobs job portal has announced the Loveable Workplace Competition in September to demonstrate that there are hundreds of companies in Hungary making efforts to retain their employees over the longer term. Several hundred companies with a staff under 250 entered the competition.

The companies were judged based on introductions by employees describing the working environment, opportunities for career advancement, work-life balance, cooperation with their bosses, the moments where they feel most connected to the community and the reasons for staying despite market temptations.

Based on the roughly 3,000 votes cast by a panel of nearly 600 volunteers, 107 companies (instead of the originally proposed 100 because of ties in score) with the highest score have won and can use the “Loveable Workplace” title for a year. Here are some of the winners:

• Bortársaság
• The Budapest Festival Orchestra
• Hosszúlépés. Járunk?
• JóSzaki
• Nanushka
• Hajtás Pajtás Futárszolgálat
The full list of the awardees is available at