Budapest Festival Orchestra
Uncategorized April 12, 2013

Radu Lupu in Budapest

“Everyone tells a story differently, and that story should be told compellingly and spontaneously. If it is not compelling and convincing, it is without value, said the Romanian musician once, expressing his reticent ars poetica, who will be playing with the Budapest Festival Orchestra in the Palace of Arts on 18, 19 and 20 April. (

At the start of his career, Radu Lupu won extremely challenging competitions such as the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition and the Leeds International Pianoforte Competition, and has since played as a soloist with all the main orchestras around the world. His concerts are rather special occasions because for some time now he has shied away from the world of studios and recordings, and so his performances really are unique and unrepeatable manifestations of his art.

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