Budapest Festival Orchestra
Interviews April 29, 2013


This year the Budapest Festival Orchestra celebrates its 30th anniversary. Although the birthday strictly speaking will only be in December, the orchestra has compiled an extraordinarily varied programme for the entire 2013/14 season – full of new initiatives as usual. We talked about all this with the orchestra’s conductor after the press conference where the plans and concerts for the new season were disclosed. (

- Talking about the joint performances of the Palace of Arts and the Festival Orchestra, Csaba Káel mentioned that it was very easy to establish a partnership and collaborate with the orchestra. What’s this work like from the inside?

- Naturally, it’s the very best. As far as the Festival Orchestra is concerned, the phenomenon that is really worth celebrating is its continuity, that the orchestra has been incessantly, cheerfully and happily playing music to ever higher standards for thirty years, in spite of the many difficulties. The whole world has now discovered and keeps celebrating this. Any greater achievement is unimaginable. As for me, I truly thank everyone for their work and I am grateful to both our audiences and the orchestra.

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