Budapest Festival Orchestra
Interviews August 26, 2014

Interview with Sonia Wieder-Atherton

You are going to play on a contemporary music evening in Budapest with the musicians of the Budapest Festival Orchestra. Did you know the BFO before?

No, but I am looking forward to it.

Probably you are informed about the special seating of the audience on those concert evenings: they will be seated on the stage together with the musicians. How do you like the idea to get the listeners so close to the music, to the instruments, to the musicians?

I love that idea. I think it is very right to have audience feel the energy that circulates between the musicians. Feel the physical involvement of the playing. It creates a space where the emotions of the interpreters and the listeners can meet.

The work, “Versuchung” of Wolfgang Rihm  that you are going to play is dedicated to the hommage of the great German painter Max Beckmann. What do you think and know about this piece?

I think that the link between this tryptic and Wolfgang Rihm’s work belongs to Wolfgang Rihm. What I feel is that Beckman‘s work is about an “in between” two worlds. And by looking each of these worlds,- the world of beauty and the world of atrocity,- as closely as possible, until one sees nothing any more, a image that  contains both can appear.

I have seen and heard pieces and artprojects on the internet, you personally take part in, where music, film, movements, photography play the roll at the same time. I persume, you are  very much interested in  the “Gesamtkunstwerk” idea. What do you think about it?

I would say that my work is more a questioning of how music takes  place in the today world. How it can tell storys today, how it can surprise and move people. How during a performance, eyes can hear and ears can see. That’s why I open my projects to different artistic expression.

You yourself composed some very nice works. Please tell us about yourself as a composer, what kind of music style do you prefer?

I don’t consider my self as a composer. I arrange some pieces for my own projects. I think I anlarge the repertoire by my search of different musical cultures, different ways music takes part in the history of human beeings, takes part in there fights and dreams.

The conductor of the September concerts in Budapest is Franck Ollu, this is his and your debut here as well. Did you meet him before? Have you played together? If you know him, please tell us a little about him!m looking forward to meet him through ut I herd him several times, he is a wonderfull musician and I't ways music takes part in `

I have never played with Franck Ollu but I heard him several times, he is a wonderful musician and I’m looking forward to meet him through Wolfgang Rihm’s piece and during your exiting Bridging Europe festival.

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