Budapest Festival Orchestra
Interviews May 15, 2013


The Festival Orchestra, which turned thirty this year, is considered one of the best in the world. How much did its director know thirty years ago where he wanted to go? Did he set himself precise objectives? Why does a musical omnivore still stick to specific composers? Why did he start composing? Why did he open a theatre where he was a child? What will the orchestra of the future be like, which could point the way for any musician with an innovative spirit? The Nagy Generáció’s (Great Generation’s) guest is Iván Fischer, music director of the Festival Orchestra. (

What else could be better to start the interview than with the Festival Orchestra’s first concert in 1983. Did Iván Fischer know back then where he wanted to go and what direction he wanted to take the Orchestra? Of course I did - says the conductor. It was not specific pieces of music or concert venues – rather, it was a certain style, dynamism, youthful enthusiasm, a will, and these have all continued to be characteristic of the Orchestra up until today. But why was it necessary to establish a new orchestra? What did Iván Fischer fail to find in the orchestras of those days? Motivated, cheerful, courageous and spirited people set it up at that time - and it has not changed since...