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News May 28, 2018

Important information

As of 25 May, the European Union has introduced even more rigorous rules to protect your personal data. Consequently, we can only keep in touch with those who authorise us to handle their data. If you would like to continue to receive news and updates about our concerts, would like to be given advance notice of season ticket and ticket sales, and wish to receive our concert and season brochures and newsletters, you must consent to us handling your data.

If you hadn’t done this until 25 May, we were obliged to delete your previous registration and you should register once again!

Follow the steps below to authorise the Budapest Festival Orchestra to remain in contact with you:

1. The first step is to register on our website if you have not already done so!

2. Log in to your profile page at

3. Go to the Privacy page.

4. Check the appropriate communications channels.

5. Click on Authorise, thereby finalising your consent.

6. Return to your profile page to verify that your data is correct, and save any changes you have made.

The Data Privacy Statement of the Budapest Festival Orchestra has been updated in accordance with the European Union’s Data Protection Regulation.

In the future, we will continue to send you only information that is essential for you to remain in active contact with the Budapest Festival Orchestra. The authorisation to handle your personal data is voluntary and may be withdrawn at any time.

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