Budapest Festival Orchestra
News June 21, 2019

“I still get goose bumps” - this is how our audience experienced Dancing on the Square

The memory of this year’s Dancing on the Square concert remains with us forever. Thank you for being with us and sharing your precious thoughts with the orchestra. We collected our favourite comments for you.

We were mesmerised by yesterday’s Dancing on the Square concert, where, despite the unusual acoustic environment, the orchestra sounded terrific and created an incredible atmosphere. Thank you very much for the unforgettable experience!

I still get goose bumps thinking about it! Music and dance have such cohesive power. I want to experience many more miracles like this! Thank you!

Each year I turn out for the concert, and each year I am moved by this celebration, recognising what an experience it was not only for us, but perhaps even more so for the children taking part. Thank you! I hope you have many more successes and many more similarly great ideas, so that you can share your music and the notions of unity and love in places like these – the need for that is only increasing!

It was a beautiful experience. Performing the music; the music itself; Beethoven’s 7th Symphony; and the 500 children dancing, with hands in the air, to classical music.

Thank you for the fantastic experience tonight! The orchestra’s outstanding performance, Iván Fischer’s HUMANITY, the children dancing with happy abandon, the support of their teachers…all of these helped make this evening a beautiful experience. And, as the conductor said, it usually does not rain during these concerts – and, once again, it did not rain during the performance…only afterwards.