Budapest Festival Orchestra
Press Releases November 04, 2015


From today, you can try out Mobilpálca, Telekom’s latest innovative musical game which allows you to get closer than ever to one of the best orchestras in the world, the Budapest Festival Orchestra (BFO).

Telekom would like to invite all music fans to Budapest’s Akvárium, where anyone will be able to conduct the Budapest Festival Orchestra in real time with their mobile phone.

Standing before the innovative city light billboard, you can use your own mobile as a conductor’s baton. If, conducting with your phone, you can correctly follow the beat of the overture to Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro, the orchestra and its conductor will give you a round of applause. Should you lose the rhythm, you’ll receive immediate feedback from the musicians, going from yawns to telling smiles, encouraging you to keep going and practise more.

Trendy technological innovations and classical music do have their meeting points, so the collaboration between the innovative Telekom and the novelty-seeking BFO was an obvious one.

Telekom developed its city light billboard having become the main sponsor of the Budapest Festival Orchestra’s Midnight Music series for the 2015-16 season, the slogan of which is ‘classical music for night owls’. Essentially, the audience can enjoy classical music at night - spiced up with stories - while lounging on beanbags in an open and informal environment.

As part of their sponsorship agreement, the market-leading telecommunications company will be streaming the Midnight Music concert on 8 November through their YouTube channel, so that those who are unable to make it will also be able to listen in to this unique musical event.

You can try out Telekom’s game between 3 and 20 November in front of the Akvárium, although later in the season it will also be making appearances at other Festival Orchestra concert venues. For the first Midnight Music concert of the season, on 8 November, you will be able to try it at the Millenáris Theatre.