Budapest Festival Orchestra
News February 26, 2013

Figaro: with the greatest of ease

Full-houses, performances sparkling with playful ideas, a Marriage of Figaro rich in musical and singing talent. In this novel understanding of opera, the music and the theatrical elements are displayed to the audience in perfect unity and perfect harmony.

Based on the reactions from the audiences, the comments on internet forums and the first critiques, the performances of Marriage of Figaro conducted and directed by Iván Fischer last week (13, 15 and 17 February) in the Béla Bartók National Concert Hall were a resounding success. The audiences were enthralled with the outstanding singing and acting performances across the board from the international stars of the opera world, and had Iván Fischer's conducting and amusing approach to thank for the unmistakable musical direction and entertaining punch-lines. According to the unanimous opinions, this production organised jointly with the Palace of Arts even managed to outstrip the memorable success of the 2009 performances of Figaro."