Budapest Festival Orchestra
Uncategorized December 20, 2013


As part of its partner school programme, the Budapest Festival Orchestra visited the János Bolyai Elementary School in Kispest

The programme enabled children to meet the musicians as well as become acquainted with the instruments. It was not the whole orchestra that visited the school in late November of course, but nine musicians. During the performance entitled “A Taste of Musical Instruments”, children familiarised themselves with the structure of the symphony orchestra and the instrument groups, while musicians played and introduced their instruments one by one. A little girl from the first year was able to hold Iván Fischer’s baton in her hands during the performance, but the real surprise came at the very end, when the children were allowed to hold and play the much-appreciated instruments. Another opportunity awaits the pupils in December when they will be able to visit one of the Orchestra’s rehearsals.


December issue of the Kispest Magazine