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Uncategorized May 21, 2014

Day 4

Follow the European tour of BFO right from the pen of Vladimir Fanshil Assistant Conductor!

On the bus to Eindhoven, orchestra slightly fatigued but happy after four days, four programmes and four roaring ovations in Dortmund.

Last night concert began with a Dvořák Legend, as Fischer refers to them “Dvořák’s treasures”. There is an arresting innocence coupled with old world elegance which gives these miniatures such allure. One is immediately taken captive into this harmonious world of inner beauty and ornate charm.

The Symphony No. 8 was not only spectacular in its delivery, but full of surprising details, like the characterisation of the lyrical third movement - played with emotion and finesse, and the pianississimo recapitulation of the finale, which stunned the hall into a state of collective awe. It is precisely in these moments that we feel humbled, uplifted and connected to our inner-most selves.

Vladimir Fanshil, Assistant Conductor to Ivan Fischer

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