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Uncategorized May 20, 2014

Day 3 Dortmund

Follow the European tour of BFO right from the pen of Vladimir Fanshil Assistant Conductor!

Third straight day of Dvořák and his unassuming innocence begins to creep under ones skin.

Rehearsal in the morning had its fair share of surprises. When asked whether he'll do an encore, Fischer dug out a book of Moravian duets (orchestrated by 2nd violinist and orchestra librarian Tibor Gátay) he then had it photocopied and handed out throughout the females in the orchestra who were asked to stay behind for a rehearsal to SING this duet. To my surprise all the members were excited at the opportunity to sing! Not to mention stay behind (which is a great rarity amongst Unionised orchestras today). And so a short yet very innocently touching Moravian duet by Dvořák performed by its own members singing became the encore which thrilled the crowd over to once again roaring standing ovations. I suppose this is one of the attractive charms of the BFO, anything can happen and there is always an openness to impromptu and risks.

Vladimir Fanshil, Assistant Conductor to Ivan Fischer

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