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Uncategorized May 20, 2014

Day 2 - Dortmund

Follow the European tour of BFO right from the pen of Vladimir Fanshil Assistant Conductor!

Second night in a row an eager crowd is raised to their feet by the Budapest Festival Orchestra in full flight under the baton of their Chief Ivan Fischer.

Last night it was the extremely touching and beautiful lyricism of Rusalka, tonight the peaceful stillness of the Requiem. The hall acoustic is very lively and favourable for singers, who get a wonderful response and were most expressive last night in Rusalka, giving of themselves entirely. In fact, one could feel the rising tension within the audience for the pains and ill-fate of Rusalka who yearns for human love.

The difference in the mood of the two concerts was vast - Fischer conducted the requiem completely still, as he explains: the requiem must convey a sense of peace even though there is drama within. Whilst Rusalka was full of movement and visual delights: beautiful water nymphs dressed in turquoise dresses and performing from within the orchestra.

Tomorrow morning rehearsal of the Piano concerto and the 'New world' Symphony No.9. looking forward to it.

Vladimir Fanshil, Assistant Conductor to Ivan Fischer

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