Budapest Festival Orchestra
Uncategorized October 19, 2016

Daniel Barenboim, Iván Fischer and the Budapest Festival Orchestra to perform together in Budapest's largest Synagogue

For the last two years, the Budapest Festival Orchestra has been bringing music to abandoned synagogues all over Hungary. Over half million Hungarian Jews were killed in the Holocaust and today most synagogues in Hungarian towns and villages are either abandoned or used for non-religious purposes. The Budapest Festival Orchestra provides free concerts to the local communities all over Hungary in these forgotten synagogues. A guest rabbi tells the story of the Jewish community that once thrived in the locality and enlightens the audience about the history of the building and about Jewish customs.

Project founder Iván Fischer wishes to remind the present generation that their ancestors lived side by side in peace with their Jewish neighbours. Many of these audience members enter the local synagogue for first time in their life. “I hope that the beauty of music and common memories help to reduce prejudices and increase tolerance. It is a great honour and a beautiful gesture that Daniel Barenboim will join us to help this cause.”

All proceeds of the Budapest concert will support the continuation of the Synagogue Tour project. Mr Barenboim, Mr Fischer and all the orchestra members will be performing without a fee. The Budapest Festival Orchestra welcomes generous donations for this very important cause, whilst entry to the concert is free.

More information can be obtained here.

The programme will include works by Gustav Mahler, Sergei Prokofiev and Beethoven’s piano concerto No.3 with soloist Daniel Barenboim.