Budapest Festival Orchestra
Press reviews June 06, 2017

Dancing on the Square Project: Free Concert this Weekend in Heroes’ Square with the Festival Orchestra!

Can you imagine dancing to the music of a symphony orchestra the same way you would party at a Balaton Sound concert? We certainly can! And on 10 June, Iván Fischer, the Budapest Festival Orchestra and 500 children will prove it at Heroes’ Square!

One thousand dancing feet, one of the world’s best orchestras and Iván Fischer will welcome one and all on 10 June at 6 p.m. in Heroes’ Square, where this year’s Dancing on the Square performance – in addition to other surprises – will feature Symphonic Dances from Leonard Bernstein’s West Side Story, once again with no admission fee.

The heroes of the day, disadvantaged children and their more fortunate peers, will come from all corners of the country, including Apátfalva in Csongrád County, Salgótarján and Bükkösd in Baranya County. Domonkos Mátó, from Apátfalva, is a junior ambassador of the Dancing on the Square project, and is returning to Heroes’ Square for the third year in a row: “Dancing is an interesting feeling. Every move has its own indescribable atmosphere. Some are cool, some are peppy, some are airy and elegant; and then there are moves which are like partying at Balaton Sound. The whole thing is actually a blast.”

Romeo and Juliet Done Differently

Leonard Bernstein’s West Side Story, which will bring musicians, children and the audience together in the square, is the modern-day adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. The story pits American teens against young immigrant people; but amidst their fights, two members of the opposing sides fall in love with one another, and their love leads to tragedy.
BFO conductor Iván Fischer said of the piece: “In this day and age, it may once again be timely to consider how various ethnic groups are able to coexist. It is quite possible that this was not just a problem in the 1940s, but remains a problem to this day. At the same time, the music is absolutely beautiful and exciting. Bernstein was able to bring together his amazing knowledge of classical music, jazz and the genre of the Broadway musical seamlessly. West Side Story is an unmatched masterpiece.”

The piece chosen reinforces that the Dancing on the Square Project is about far more than music and dance: it is an event about acceptance, creating as a community, openness to one another and the opportunities created.
We look forward to seeing you in Heroes’ Square on 10 June at 6.00 p.m.! Let us experience tolerance!