Budapest Festival Orchestra
Uncategorized November 03, 2016

Budapest – Capital of Music

The Budapest Festival Orchestra (BFO) has produced a comprehensive musical plan entitled Budapest – Capital of Music, which they sent to Budapest Mayor, István Tarlós, in September.

Budapest – Capital of Music evokes Bartók’s notion of “from the clearest springs” in making classical music of the highest order available to the capital’s citizens. The orchestra aims to bring their music to all of Budapest’s generations, from pre-school-aged to the elderly, with a special focus on musical education for children. To that end, they have developed various forms of concerts.

With its plan for the capital, the world-renowned orchestra not only provides a service to the people of Budapest, but also makes a significant contribution to the image of the Hungarian capital; as is the case with other leading orchestras (the Berlin Philharmonic, the Vienna Philharmonic and the New York Philharmonic) whose names have become intertwined with that of their city.

On 3 November, senior figures in the capital met the Budapest Festival Orchestra in person to discuss the details of the programme; Budapest Mayor István Tarlós and musical director Iván Fischer were both in attendance at the meeting. The orchestra’s management proposed that, in future, the capital support the BFO’s activities in line with the specific projects identified in the plan. The parties agreed to continue regular consultations by adopting the Budapest budget.

Programmes involved in the Budapest – Capital of Music series: