Budapest Festival Orchestra
News June 26, 2014

BFO community concerts continue

Recent times have clearly proved that the Budapest Festival Orchestra’s community projects are needed both in Budapest and around the country, therefore the orchestra will continue the free concert series between 10 and 16 November, this time including children programmes as well. The orchestra plans to give community concerts at as many provincial venues as possible, enabling local people to become familiar with the magic of live music.

There are plenty abandoned synagogues in Hungary, so the Budapest Festival Orchestra is searching for those that are still unknown in order to raise awareness of Jewish heritage and to educate local communities of the diversity that was once prevalent throughout Hungary. After the initial experiences, Iván Fischer explained the essence of the programme as follows: “I felt endless love from the people. There was no trace of antipathy or hatred.”

Music cures and reenergises people, which is particularly true for the elderly, and consequently the Festival Orchestra’s chamber concerts in elderly homes will also continue. This time we plan to bring music as a present through our string quartet to more than five such homes per week.

The third pillar of our community projects were performances in churches, during which almost one thousand people listened to Bach’s music. In the autumn ecclesiastical pieces of music will again be brought to life by period instruments in an authentic environment just to make sure those who are unable to go to concert halls can enjoy music too.

Following this principle, the Festival Orchestra is to expand its existing community programmes, and aims to bring classical music to as many underprivileged children from around the country as possible.