Budapest Festival Orchestra
News January 25, 2013

Bartók Marathon

Following in the footsteps of Tchaikovsky, Dvořák, Beethoven, Schubert and Mozart, in February 2013 the now traditional music marathon lasting a whole day,

created in 2008 by Iván Fischer and the Palace of Arts, will be dedicated to the life's work of Béla Bartók.

On the first Sunday of February the marathon so popular with audiences will include 11 concerts made up from this extremely influential oeuvre. Iván Fischer has the following to say about this special celebration of music: "The life's work of Béla Bartók is particularly suited for a whole-day event as Bartók delved into so many genres. Admittedly he only created one piece of work in some of them, but they were all masterpieces. He wrote an opera, a ballet and a pantomime. Bartók wrote a large symphony-type piece for orchestra, the 'Concerto', he wrote 'Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta' and 'Divertimento' for chamber orchestras, and the 'Cantata Profana' for oratorical orchestras. He wrote songs, chorus pieces, string quartets and other chamber works. He also has a huge range of piano works, including, in particular, the educational works 'For Children' and 'Mikrokosmos'. His legacy is vast and rich, and it will be a delight to devote one day to the art of Bartók."

The entire programme of the Bartók Marathon can be found here: