Budapest Festival Orchestra
News February 04, 2013

A crazy day – with global stars

"The opera bored me" – wrote a Viennese aristocrat somewhat devastatingly in his diary

after attending the premiere of The Marriage of Figaro. Since then, subsequent generations of opera lovers have disproved this sensational faux pas, as today Mozart's comic opera is one of the most popular and most entertaining works of theatrical music.

On 13, 15 and 17 February the Festival Orchestra will be playing Mozart's comic opera 'The Marriage of Figaro' with world-famous singers, including Miah Persson.

Iván Fischer reflects on the production, which he is also directing:

"What I have in my mind is a complete opera performance, but with minimalist means, so I achieve two objectives: on the one hand it can be performed in a concert hall, while on the other hand the direction is not autotelic, it does not draw all the attention away from the music.

Let it be a modern theatre, a modern music production, but first and foremost a musical theatre, theatrical music-making."