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BFO Friends Card – overview of the BFO loyalty programme

The loyalty programme of the Budapest Festival Orchestra has been revamped: upon joining, you automatically become a BFO Friends Card programme member. After registration, your ticket purchases and active contact with the Festival Orchestra can earn you points for which we offer exclusive experiences and benefits. Your points will automatically add up in your profile. As you collect more points, you will progress through the corresponding levels, where you can benefit from more and more advantages.


Pianissimo, entry level: Upon registration, you automatically become a BFO Friends Card programme member and begin collecting points.

Piano level: You reach this level and receive a BFO  Friends card after collecting 200 points. On this level, you also benefit from a 10% discount at our partners.

Forte level: You reach this level after collecting 500 points. Here, in addition to the discounts earned on previous levels, you have the opportunity to buy certain single tickets early and will be invited to a meeting with the BFO’s artists and managers.

Fortissimo level: You reach this level after collecting 1000 points. On this level, we organise a Black Friday sale each year, during which you can buy all of the season’s single tickets at a discount price and you will be invited a few times to the VIP room during the intermissions of our concerts performed at Müpa Budapest.

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