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Bridging Europe: Erki Pärnoja - Efterglow

Bridging Europe

Müpa Budapest, Atrium September 22, 2018, 21:00

Erki Pärnoja

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About the concert

The Estonian multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Erki Pärnoja, born in 1984, has played at Müpa Budapest more than once before: he appeared as the guitarist and vocalist of the indie folk/art-pop quartet Ewert and The Two Dragons, the most popular contemporary pop music group in Estonia, and as part of a jazz-inspired trio alongside Hungarian drummer and violist Áron Porteleki and Estonian bass guitarist Marti Tärn. Pärnoja released three albums as a member of Ewert and The Two Dragons, (The Hills Behind The Hills, 2009; Good Man Down; 2011; Circles, 2015); while the Porteleki-Tärn-Pärnoja Trio released its debut album in 2015. Pärnoja also put out his debut album in the same year.
The six-song mini-album Himmelbjerg featured film score-like, atmospheric, reverberating ambient/dream pop compositions, while Efterglow, his first full-length album for his primarily instrumental solo project, was released last year, winning this year's Estonian Music Prize for Best Male Performer of the Year and Best Indie/Alternative Album. The short film made for the title song won Best Music Video of the Last Five Years at the most recent Estonian Music Video Festival. The songwriter and guitarist also released a new single, Leva, in March 2018, which features a duet with the singer Anna Põldvee. Pärnoja returns to Budapest with his Efterglow album and his band of the same name.

Photo credit: Riina Varol

Bridging Europe festival is the joint production of the Budapest Festival Orchestra and Müpa Budapest.
Bridging Europe