Budapest Festival Orchestra

Midnight Music

Midnight Music

Castle Garden May 10, 2019, 23:30

Conductor: Iván Fischer

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About the concert

“Listen to great works by great composers, surrounded by the orchestra, lounging on beanbags and learn what to listen for!” Balázs Bujtor, violinist

Some prefer listening to music at night. At our Midnight Music concerts, audiences enjoy classical music from a new perspective with unique acoustics, lounging on beanbags by our musicians in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. The BFO also presents some of its concerts at 23.30 for young members of our audience who are open minded, enjoy engaging with arts in an unusual setting and are also night owls. In addition to a beautiful, high-quality classical performance, the audience is provided with short, insightful and entertaining introductions.

Midnight concerts are also a great experience for the musicians, since they can see every tiny reaction by the audience from smiles to rhythmic finger drumming and drowsy breathing. Everything is personal and genuine, with no stage to create distance and no one scolded for accidentally nodding off.

“Midnight Music concerts are living proof that a classical music concert can be a relaxed and informal affair. Everyone here feels ‘magically liberated’, and you never feel like leaving at the end,” said one audience member. For those who have never heard the BFO perform live, Midnight Music is the perfect opportunity to get to know this world-renowned orchestra. Instruments are but an arm’s length away as you are embraced by music – a perfect setting for a date.