Budapest Festival Orchestra

Marathon 2018 - Bernstein and the American music: Danubia Orchestra Óbuda

Müpa Budapest, Béla Bartók National Concert Hall February 04, 2018, 15:00

Danubia Orchestra Óbuda • István Várdai (cello) • Conductor: Máté Hámori

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About the concert

Bernstein: Symphony No. 1 (Jeremiah) 

Bernstein: Three Meditations from Mass 

Spend another day with the works of a giant of composition. It’ll be a red-letter day, with concerts performed by the biggest names from the Hungarian music scene. Symphony orchestras, iconic soloists, chamber ensembles all speaking the same language - that of Leonard Bernstein. Another marathon with Müpa Budapest and the BFO! 

“I can’t live one day without hearing music, playing it, studying it, or thinking about it” said the American conductor and composer Leonard Bernstein, whose in nitely rich and popular legacy will be our source of joy for an entire day. This will be the eleventh music marathon jointly put on by the Festival Orchestra and Müpa Budapest, and this time around we’re celebrating Leonard Bernstein, having previously paid homage to Tchaikovsky, Bach, Beethoven, Bartók, Mozart, Schubert, Dvořák, Stravinsky, Mendelssohn and Schumann, and Brahms. Leonard Bernstein was one of Iván Fischer’s most important mentors. “He was versatile,” Fisher says. “He was a  composer, a conductor, an educator, a humanist, and a genuinely deep thinker. From him, I learned that music is not a competitive arena of single-minded people. I’ll never forget what he said: ‘I love music, but I love people even more’.” 

Bernstein’s eclectic compositions mix jazz, Jewish tunes and music for the theatre. But no matter what he wrote, communication was always his highest priority. So it’s no accident that, in his most popular work West Side Story, he successfully bridged the gap between classical and pop music. Bernstein rued the little time he’d had for composition, but still produced an oeuvre of many genres: from symphonic works and ballet, to opera, chamber music, incidental music for the theatre or choruses and solo pieces. 

As his brother Burton put it, “Lenny” made history as the rst American to be taken seriously in the concert hall.  His voice became iconic to his era.