Budapest Festival Orchestra

Christmas Concert – audience choice programme

Budapest Kongresszusi Központ, Budapest Congress Center December 26, 2017, 19:45

About the concert

Continuing the tradition, the Budapest Festival Orchestra will offer its audience a unique Christmas concert treat this December. Members of the audience will be able to choose what pieces they wish to see performed at this holiday concert, assembling the programme that evening from a musical menu offering a broad selection of flavours. The Festival Orchestra may be the only symphony ensemble in the world whose musicians play orchestra pieces, contemporary and baroque chamber music, jazz as well as folk music (and singing, or in some cases even dancing), making music if necessary by using a couple of paint cans or thimbles.

Christmas means surprises – and Iván Fischer has several secret presents in store for the audience that night. As Tamás Barta, a member of our audience, quite fittingly put it: “Every time, Mr. Fischer reveals new secrets about what the orchestra is capable of. That’s the real miracle!”

Discover the surprising. Let’s celebrate Christmas together!