Budapest Festival Orchestra
How can I support the BFO?

Corporate Sponsorship

For your commitment and support as a sponsor the Budapest Festival Orchestra rewards you with unique value that best suits your business profile.

Why is it worth sponsoring the Budapest Festival Orchestra? BECAUSE...

...the Budapest Festival Orchestra is considered to be one of the top ten symphony orchestras in the world. Its sponsors become active participants of a genuinely global success story.

...the BFO’s concerts provide an opportunity for high-level entertainment and business networking both in Hungary and abroad.

...appearing in the BFO’s programme booklets, other publications and on the website offers great visibility and prestige for sponsors.

...cooperating with the BFO, becoming a partner or sponsor can be an effective tool in helping to achieve your business targets.

...the BFO’s special values/messages can be integrated on many levels with the values/messages of the sponsor, thereby strengthening them.

...and last but not least: business and culture rely on one another. Only together can they create a stronger and richer society.

The Budapest Festival Orchestra creates bespoke sponsorship packages to suit the needs of its partners with marketing solutions, employee engagement and leadership development programmes and exclusive VIP opportunities. For more information please contact us at or call +36 1 489 4333.

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Thank you to our Partners!

Thank you to our partners!
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