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BFO Serenades

BFO Serenades

Our musicians will serenade the people of Budapest in June, visiting more than 200 buildings in one month. On every Sunday and Monday evening in June, music will be played in the closed courtyards of residential buildings and inside gardens between houses to be enjoyed from windows, balconies and hanging corridors in Budapest. Music is a necessity even in times of epidemics, and we want to remain part of the people’s lives in Budapest and give them the gift of live music even if we are unable to meet them in concert halls for the time being.

Our chamber formations will give 10-15-minute free serenades at a previously agreed time. “We would like as many of you as possible to listen to our music in your homes—all we ask for return is a smile and some applause”, says our Music Director Iván Fischer.

Open your doors and windows and let live music into your homes!

As the mini concerts are not public and are only intended for the residential communities of the buildings, they are completely safe.

Registration has ended, unfortunately we cannot visit more buildings.

The concert series is produced with the contribution of Budapest 100 and the Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre among others.

Photo: Budapest100 / Tibor Polinszky

The list of the participating buildings will be announced later and continuously updated.