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“One who loves music can never truly be unhappy.”

Listening to music, singing and playing an instrument every day can all contribute to the development of speech, language and creativity, as well as to the upkeep of our spiritual health. The Festival Orchestra’s globally unrivalled programme of musical education endeavours to introduce the treasures of classical music to children, families and young adults. During these action-packed adventures, younger learners become familiar with some instruments and short tunes, while older ones get the chance to acquaint themselves with entire operas and symphonies.

The organisation of children’s and youth programmes is part of my work that I hold very dear to my heart. Whether it’s our melodies ringing around a small village during our most recent type of concert, Music Castle, or the Choose your Instrument programme in one of Budapest’s top schools, the children’s gleaming eyes show me the beauty and importance of my work.

We give them joy and experiences, and they give us love and openness. The mission of the Festival Orchestra is to share the joy of playing and listening to music with both younger and older children, whether they are from the capital or the countryside, well-off or disadvantaged, talented or less curious about music.

The 2017/18 season will see us continue our renowned and popular youth programmes. We are strengthening relations with a growing number of partner schools in order to acquaint students with the multi-coloured world of instruments and music literature, as well as to the openness and creativity of the orchestra. Among the programmes on offer you’ll find ‘Choose your Instrument’, visits to open rehearsals and children’s operas. On certain occasions, school children can enjoy our regular concerts for just 1800 Forints per ticket.
Be sure to check out the Budapest Festival Orchestra’s colourful and varied programme. (Orsolya Erdődy, Deputy Executive Director)