Budapest Festival Orchestra
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educational programs

“Through music I can express anything I like.”
(A young participant at our Family Picnic)

For 6-8 year olds Choose yo ur Instrument This is a special programme for kids who are interested in music but have not yet decided which instrument they would like to take up. During ‘Choose your Instrument’ sessions, some of the orchestra’s musicians introduce young schoolchildren to their own instruments with a short concert, after which the kids can have a go on the instruments. The happy cries, the roaring laughter, the trombones blown at full force, the squeaking violins, the mercilessly-beaten cymbals, all echo the programme’s success.

For 8–18 year olds BFO Reaches Out! In this project, the Festival Orchestra’s musicians visit children living in the countryside. They work with them in short sessions, whetting their interests in music and becoming musicians. These visits also allow us to discover new talents. This project sees us playing chamber music in unusual venues, such as thermal baths, libraries, zoos, hospitals and prisons.

For 8-18 year olds Open Rehearsals It is not just the BFO ‘reaching out’; children can also reach out to the orchestra. Open rehearsals are a great opportunity for students from our partner schools to gain first-hand experience of how a symphony orchestra works. Children can learn tricks of the trade, find out what a conductor does and how the musicians follow his lead. To help them deal with the experience we provide a small booklet which we’ve compiled especially for the occasion. Experience shows that children simply love these visits; they sit through the rehearsals with interest and afterwards talk about them for days.

For 8–18 year olds Children’s opera Youth operas have been part of the BFO’s repertoire for years. We perform these operas in ten provincial and Budapest schools, allowing thousands of young people the opportunity to enjoy them. The productions are not exclusively for children, although in order to allow young people in the audience to identify with the pieces, child actors often perform in the operas. Our first of these productions was Brundibar by Hans Krása.