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Cocoa concerts and autism-friendly cocoa concerts (for 5-12 year-olds)

Cocoa concerts

“At Cocoa Concerts, you can see children picturing themselves as princesses or as participants in an African safari while listening to the music. They are awed and amazed, giving themselves completely over to the music, which is an experience for all of us that never gets old.” József Bazsinka tuba player

We often meet adult audience members who came to love classical music at our concerts. Their children now make up the core of Cocoa Concert audiences. At these concerts, the children are not bombarded by stimuli, but taught to be engrossed in music. The series promises afternoons of music and storytelling in a cosy atmosphere. This year, we once again welcome families to our interactive concerts and some hot cocoa that will be served in polka-dot mugs once the music and the applause have died down.

Autism-friendly cocoa concerts

“A child who finds it difficult to express themselves in words can be reached through music, because they share the same feelings as everybody else.” Iván Fischer

With the help of the International Cseperedő Foundation, we have developed a unique concert format in recent years that provides a safe and fun environment for autistic children and their families alike. Before the Autism-Friendly Cocoa Concerts, we send some helpful materials to the families so that they can prepare for the effects of the concert’s visual and audio stimuli, ensuring the children do not encounter anything unexpected. By the time they enter the orchestra’s rehearsal hall, they will already be familiar with the musicians’ faces as well as the instruments. We also offer other aids like story-like explanations and colourful visual tools, which help the little ones follow the music.

Cocoa concert season tickets

In addition to the regular Cocoa Concert Season Tickets, family season tickets are also available for committed concertgoers.

The Cocoa concerts are supported by:
BNP Paribas Hungary